Business Activities
Osaka 1st Division
Import of Fashion Goods such as bags, accessories, jewelry, shoes, clothing etc., as well as sporting goods from Europe and the United States.
Development of O.E.M. products
Operation of Internet shopping site
Osaka 1st division imports fashion goods while embracing a variety of fashion trends based on our rich experiences, capacity for information gathering, and our worldwide sourcing network. We have sold to our clients at attractive and competitive prices.
For partner companies, our division's aim is to be a reliable fashion supplier who keeps them informed of new offers such as “Latest Items”, “New Business Opportunities”, “Information on O.E.M. products” and so on.
Osaka 2nd Division
Osaka 2nd division mainly deals with FMCG (Fast-Moving-Consumer-Goods), everyday sundries and food products, which are imported from all the countries of the world.
Import and distribution of clothing detergents, dish detergents, air fresheners and so on, which are from the United States, Europe, Mexico and Viet Nam etc.
Operation of Internet Shopping Site.
*Everyday Sundries :
We have developed the products mainly for Home Improvement Chains and GMSs ( General Merchandising Stores ) and have controlled the manufacturing managements at overseas' production bases. After import, we have distributed the products to above-mentioned clients.
*Our Food Business consists of 3 fields - Processed Food, Sea Food and Animal Products.
Processed Foods : Import of confections such as Potato Tips etc. from UK, France etc. Chocolates, for St. Valentine's Day, have been imported and distributed since our establishment.
Seafood : Import of frozen squid from South-East Asia for use in sushi.Process and Import of frozen shrimp and frozen crab from South-East Asia, Middle and Near East.
Animal Product : Import primarily processed pork from Central and South America.
Additional products and services include order business for writing instruments and towels etc. and planning, development and merchandising for cosmetics. Our staff works hard daily to plan for, offer, and import any products to meet the needs of the customer on a timely basis.
Tokyo 1st Division
Import and distribution of high end mechanical watches and famous brand-name watches from Europe, as well as brand-name fashion watches from the United States, Europe and Asia.
Operation of Internet Shopping site
Tokyo 1st division has done our best to cater to customers' needs under ever-changing social situation. In order to cater to the needs, we aim to evolve our business together with our partners in accordance with current trends, while taking account of changing fashions offering new items on a constant basis.  
Tokyo 2nd Division
Import and distribution of household items, residential products, toys, casual and sporting clothing which have been imported from Asia, Europe and the United States
Export of Cosmetics made in Japan
Tokyo 2nd Division deals with excellently designed Kitchenware and Tableware imported from the United States and Northern Europe, and has a broad product line including unique products developed by our team.
In addition, we have helped our clients to develop unique and competitive products which fit their needs and are manufactured at production bases centered in Asian.
Our division's aim is to create and develop hot-selling products.
Special Sales Division
Import and export of every worldwide well-known brand heavy equipments - both brand-new and secondhand
Our goal is to distribute commercial products across the world promptly and reliably. We cater to our customers' needs with the assistance of our worldwide network.
We will offer you our best prices upon receipt of your inquiry - please inform us of the details of your needed heavy equipment.